Adventure sessions are super versatile. They can be your engagement photos, your 5th anniversary photos, or photos to capture any special season or adventure in your life! The point is to document the two of you and the love + connection you share at this time in your lives. Here’s an inside look into what our adventure sessions look like.

Where can Adventure Sessions be?

One cool thing about adventure sessions is that they can literally be anywhere you want. We can go for a hike in the Smoky Mountains, walk around your family’s farm that you grew up on, or explore the National Forests in North Carolina! Or maybe you’re planning a trip to Yosemite, Moab, or somewhere awesome and would love to have photos captured while you’re there! These are just some of the places we love to do engagement and adventure sessions!

Don’t worry though – if you don’t have a specific place in mind, that’s totally okay! We know a lot of really cool places (and are constantly searching for more!), and we would love to talk with you two and come up with a place that makes you feel alive. We’re also totally open to finding new places for all of us, and we can explore them for the first time together!

How do Adventure Sessions work?

Instead of like a meet up -> hour long photo session -> say goodbye kind of thing, we like to make it more of a whole afternoon experience. Here’s how our adventure sessions typically go:

Normally we’ll meet up sometime in the early afternoon, and grab something to eat or some drinks beforehand, and then we’ll all pile in our car and drive up to wherever we’re going together. This gives us another chance to connect and really get comfortable with each other before we start shooting! This is great because it really helps you guys totally relax and know that we’re not here to shove a camera in your face or put you on the spot. Instead, we’re here to document the feeling of your connection + capture your relationship as authentically as possible. (Also the fact that we’re just over here being total dorks that you can laugh at for some comedic relief lol)

Then once we get to the location, we keep things laid back and low-key. It’s not “okay, do this really specific pose” *click* “Okay, now do this other really specific pose”. We’re not after that vibe. With us, it’s more relaxed, more fun, more REAL. We’ll play some music in the background, laugh and chat with you guys, let you two look cute doing your thing, and we’ll capture it! Don’t worry – we won’t leave you completely on your own, we’ll give you some prompts, but we like to keep things as natural to you two and your relationship as possible!

If there’s anything that is random and specific to you two and your relationship, we can also include that! Do you two have favorite band t-shirts you want a quick photo in? Want to shotgun a beer? Have a song you want to sing from the mountaintops? Letters you wrote to each other? Anything meaningful to your relationship can be incorporated to make your session that much better!

Planning your Adventure Session

Really, adventure sessions are a genuinely fun ‘date day’, one that afterward you’ll get photos of you guys + your love! They’re a chance to slow down + spend some time with each other in a place you feel inspired. An open place for the two of you to reflect on your relationship. We’d love to chat with you two and help you come up with something that feels authentic to you as a couple! Click the button below and let’s connect!

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