What are Adventure Elopements, Intimate Weddings, and Microweddings?

These terms are popping up all over insta right now, and honestly, it can be confusing. What exactly is a Microwedding, Adventure Elopement, or an Intimate Wedding? Can we have our friends and family there? Do we have to hike ten miles to the top of a mountain? Is there a way to include Grandma?

We’re here to help you navigate your way through all of this, answer any questions you might have, and figure out something that will work for you guys! So to get us started:

What exactly are Elopements, Intimate Weddings, and Microweddings?

In short: They’re whatever the heck you want them to be. Seriously. The entire point of your wedding day is for it to be a celebration of your love, right? The day that you get married to the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with. The beginning of this new chapter of your life as a married couple. And since this is the day that you commit your love to each other, shouldn’t you be surrounded by the things (and people!) that light your soul on fire?!

Really, these three terms mean a wedding that has a smaller guest list – but that doesn’t mean your wedding is less important or less special in any way!! In fact, it can be the opposite! Having a smaller guest list allows you to have the people there that you really want to spend time with on your big day, the people that truly care about you two and your relationship. It gives you the freedom to create an amazing, intentional, intimate environment that accurately represents you two.

That’s what Adventure Elopements, Intimate Weddings, and Microweddings are. They’re fully customizable days that are intentionally crafted to reflect you two and the love you share.

How many guests can we have?

Elopements can be just the two of you, us, and an officiant; you guys + your best friends; or all the way up to about 20 of your closest friends and family. Intimate Weddings and Microweddings are basically just different terms for the same type of wedding day. They are typically a bit larger than elopements, between about 20 and 50 people.

Those aren’t strict numbers though, they’re just a general guideline. If you want to have 25 people hike up to the top of a mountain to watch you say your vows, go for it!!! That brings up another question though….

Do we have to hike miles up a mountain if we have an Adventure Elopement?

Absolutely not! We love to help our couples find a place that’s absolutely perfect for them. There are so many different ways you can go about this, and there’s absolutely nothing that says you have to hike…unless you just want to!!!

If you want an amazing view but don’t want to hike far – there’s several elopement locations we know of that aren’t too far of a walk from the parking lot!

What about if you want your grandparents there but they need the ceremony spot to be very accessible? You could have a small ceremony (think: an Airbnb, cozy little venue, vineyard, etc) and then do bridal portraits in another gorgeous location!

Where can we have our Elopement or Intimate Wedding?

LITERALLY ANYWHERE. Okay, maybe not literally anywhere, but there’s tons of options! The most important thing to think about is what vibe + feeling you want your wedding day to have.

Do you want to travel to your favorite place? The first vacation you two took together? A gorgeous place you guys have never been but are dying to go? On top of a mountain? In front of a lake? In the sand dunes of a desert? On a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean? In the middle of a forest? Anything you can dream up for your wedding day, go for it! This day is all about you guys, and the environment you’re surrounded by can totally speak to that!

As far as picking the type of location, there’s a few differences. Having an Adventure Elopement or Intimate Wedding in a National Park generally requires a permit (along with a small fee) but we can totally help you guys navigate all that! National Forests + Public Land have a lot fewer restrictions, plus they have little to no cost and far fewer crowds! Another option is the backyard of an Airbnb or vacation rental, and with that comes the convenience of nearby bathrooms, lol.

There are all sorts of location options, and we’d love to help you guys find a spot that really energizes + resonates with you!

Planning your special day

Whether you choose to have an Elopement or an Intimate Wedding, they both are amazing ways to make your day unique and authentic – just like your relationship.

We believe that you deserve to have a wedding that is unconventional and heartfelt, one that truly represents your love. Whether that be taking your best friends up to the top of your favorite mountain for an intimate ceremony, having 30 of your people watch you get hitched in the desert, or just the two of you going somewhere you’ve never been before to say your vows and begin the rest of your life together.

If all this speaks to you and you think an Adventure Elopement or Intimate Wedding would be perfect for you guys, we’d love to help you figure out the best way to tell your story! Click the link below to reach out!


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