Anna is one of our favorite people to work with. She’s the Owner + Creator of Rose Moss Designs, and her florals really are pieces of art. Some florists are the kind that will do anything and everything under the sun – but Anna’s not that way. She’s figured out exactly what she’s passionate about and what aligns with her visions. She’s realized that in doing that, that is what really turns out the best and makes her the happiest. Her absolute best creations are when a couple comes to her that loves her work, has an idea of what they want but ultimately just trust Anna to work her magic. That’s when she can really just let her innovation flow and get wildly creative.

Who Anna Is And How She Created Rose Moss

Anna has two little kids, and most of her life is focused on taking care of them and being an awesome mom. In her free time, she loves doing barre and loves listening to true crime podcasts – her favorite is My Favorite Murder. She’s a tv junkie and loves binging shows, but her favorite thing to do is just rewatch the specific episodes that she likes, for example, she loves Gilmore Girls, but only the episodes that Rory and Jess are together.

In her early 20s she started to become obsessed with flowers. She was working at an office job after college, and she didn’t like the bureaucracy of it all, so she decided she’d become a florist, and that’s how Rose Moss was born. She went back and forth for a couple years, working a full time office job and also doing florals, but ultimately decided to go full time with florals in 2017. Now, she’s so glad she got out of the corporate world. She loves working with flowers – it’s what truly makes her feel fulfilled. She also loves the newer trend going around of using dried flowers for your Wedding or Elopement. She’s been using dried flowers for years, and she’s really excited that more and more people are getting interested in something she’s been into for years.

Why Florals Are Important 

Well-designed florals really set the vibe (and offer a beautiful decor!) of your wedding or elopement. They help create the feel and aesthetic that you want the day to have, and when they’re done right, are truly magical. Florals are one of the things not only you but also your guests really notice and admire – and walk away taking about and remembering. 

A lot of people budget around $1,000 for florals, and while that can work in some situations, if flowers are something that’s important to you, we suggest budgeting more. Rose Moss’ minimum is usually $4,000, to give you an idea. Flowers are expensive, and it takes a lot of time to design what you want, source all of the flowers and greenery, and order them. Then there’s a lot of time spent right before your wedding putting everything together and making all of the arrangements, as well as designing an arbor and creating table centerpieces (if you’d like that as well).

Pinterest is both good and bad for florals. It shows a lot of ideas, which is good, but it can also be like “Oh, this is DIY.” Doing it yourself can look good if you do it right, but it’s also a lot of work. It can really take away from the experience of your wedding when you and your family are responsible for the flowers and have to take care of DIY-ing everything. Anna knows this because she did all the florals for her sister’s wedding, and she will tell you that everyone in her family that helped had a little bit of depression afterwards because it was just too much to take on. She always tells her brides, your day is about you, but don’t you want your family to enjoy it too? Why stress them out leading up to (and even on!) your wedding day?

If florals are something that’s important to you, it’s a great idea to allocate a bit more towards a florist. One that you know you can trust to have your back, and is an expert in making the whole experience stress-free and beautiful for you.

Why Rose Moss Creates Dried Bouquets

Probably one of the biggest reasons for having dried bouquets is that we love how they last forever. Once your wedding day is over, you won’t have to throw all of your flowers and greenery away. Because of this, they’re also technically a more sustainable option, because afterwards the flowers don’t all go to waste.

We’re also not talking about the fresh flower bouquets that are “dried” afterwards..and honestly, can look iffy and stink. No, Rose Moss’ dried bouquets are intended to be this way. They don’t look withered at all, instead they’re still vibrant and very aesthetically pleasing.

Anna says that if she could go back to her wedding day, she would want a dried bouquet. She has hundreds of items to put in them, and she thinks it’s really cool how they truly become keepsakes from your wedding day. She also has more time to work on dried florals. Instead of having to put everything together in the days leading up to your wedding like she would with fresh flowers, this way she can put a few pieces together, and then walk away, and come back later and work some more. That helps her get even more creative and intentional with your arrangements.

Anna’s Thoughts On Eloping

“I definitely recommend eloping. My husband and I eloped, and I loved it. Earlier in the day, we went with our friends downtown and got margaritas. We chose the coolest restaurant we could think of, and we fed our family and friends there for our reception. It was the perfect day for us.

I love elopements because they don’t have to be just two people. An elopement can be 5 people, 10 people, or more, it really doesn’t matter! You can even have a party at the end of the day or afterwards to celebrate it! What matters is that it’s the people you’re closest to and the people you really want there. Eloping can really be whatever you want.” -Anna

For elopements, Rose Moss does one of two things. For fresh florals, unless you’re having a more elaborate setup with an arch/arbor and possibly table centerpieces, they only typically take an elopement on if they also have something else going on that weekend. Because they buy their fresh flowers in bulk amounts, it would be too expensive to buy all the flowers for only one bouquet and boutonniere, and she doesn’t want to charge someone that. The other option, and the one Rose Moss typically does for elopements, is dried florals. Anna already has a lot of dried florals on hand, and because of that, she doesn’t have to order them fresh leading up to the wedding. That generally tends to be the better option for planning elopements.

Anna’s Favorite Flowers and Arrangements To Create

One of Anna’s favorite flowers to use is butterfly ranunculus. They look so delicate, and almost like real butterflies. Rose Moss also loves working with dahlias and celosias that they source from local flower farms. A lot of Rose Moss designs will also have leaves incorporated – not heavy foliage with a couple blooms in the bouquet – but instead really heavy blooms with a little bit of foliage weaved in there. Anna also loves thinking out-of-the-box and using things that don’t necessarily come to mind when you first think of florals. Some of her favorite out-of-the-box florals are Bird of paradise leaves, anthuriums, and things like that. She always finds neat ways to include out-of-the-box florals that really help accentuate the main focus of the bouquet.

Anna loves making bridesmaids bouquets. She enjoys them because she gets to be creative and not have the pressure of it being the main bouquet. Another thing she really loves designing is tablescapes. A lot of people will just use candles or greenery for their tables – and while there’s nothing wrong with that – you really can go all out with a floral centerpiece and accent pieces, taper candles and placesetting pieces. Those are some of our favorite things to see, and some of Anna’s favorite to design, especially if there’s calligraphy name place settings, napkins and little floral pieces that go with each plate, that type of thing.

How Rose Moss Finds Inspiration

She really just tries to think big picture of the entire experience she’s creating. But the biggest two things she gets inspiration from are nature and other florists on social media. She’ll spend time just looking around at nature and at different plants and trees, and they way they interweave together. Seeing local things that bloom in the fall, as opposed to the spring, and thinking about how she can weave the current season and feel into your wedding day. She also will look at other florists and photos on Pinterest, and spend time thinking about how she can tweak those ideas and create things that really speak to her. 

Some of Anna’s goals for 2021 are to have a wedding in the spring that uses blooming branches as part of the florals, and to have a wedding or two using full fall ombre-colored florals sometime in the fall months.

The Process of Working With Rose Moss

Usually it involves a lot of pictures from Pinterest. Anna will put together a really detailed inspiration board showing the kind of aesthetic you want, the arbor you want, that type of thing. Instead of people coming to her and saying this is what I want, and she makes exactly what they ask for, she’s a true professional and uses her expertise to guide you through it. She will give you advice on how to make your bouquets truly match your vision, and help make things look unique to you and your relationship. 

To start off, Anna will ask what color scheme you’re thinking, and if you have any photos for inspiration. She’ll find out if there is anything specific you want like an arbor or table centerpieces, and how many guests are you going to have. Then she will build a custom quote for you, and give you more inspiration that she feels matches your vibe.

After that, she’ll work out the more specific details with you. If you’re having an arbor or arch, where to rent it from, do you build it, etc. Anna has a few simple arbors you can use as well, if you’d like to. Other options are if you want to do foraged items, or if you’d rather buy everything. Whether you want to do dried or fresh florals. She’ll also give you insider tips on what’s in season, and how she can help plan to forage around the weather (aka avoiding the rain!) and so what options you will have as far as foraging goes. 

Typically people book her 3-6 months in advance, but if you want to make sure she has your date available, 6 or more months out is ideal. Most of the actual planning though happens in the last 3 months leading up to the wedding, so really anything further ahead of time is basically just to reserve your date, and then you’ll actually get down into the details and planning part about three months out. However, if you’re planning something only a few months in advance, (and with everything with covid happening, we totally get shorter timelines!) don’t worry, totally go ahead and reach out. Rose Moss doesn’t have any minimum time you have to book her ahead of your wedding day. Anna would love to work with you, and even a couple months is plenty of time for absolutely gorgeous florals.

Thinking About Hiring Rose Moss?

One of the things we like the most is that Anna really makes her work look intentional. Some people almost over pack bouquets, and so unconsciously you can be overwhelmed cause you don’t know what to look at, but with Rose Moss bouquets, you really are drawn to a specific few pieces in each bouquet, and everything else really accentuates those pieces. Sometimes less is more. Not specifically less flowers, but a fewer variety of flowers in a bouquet. Having a select few varieties of flowers expertly chosen in an arrangement really makes the bouquet more powerful and impactful. Anna is a true expert, and she’ll make sure your wedding experience is truly gorgeous while keeping it stress-free.

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