First off, a little disclaimer – this is not the end all be all by any means, these are just some things we’ve been thinking for a while and personally find super important so we want to share it with everyone ❤️ 

1.) That you vibe really well. 

Obviously you don’t have to vibe for someone to be able to give you gorgeous images. But think about this: You will likely spend quite a bit of time with your photographer chatting wedding things, planning + making timelines, AND you’ll end up spending your entire wedding day with the person/people you choose. So, while maybe it’s not necessary for beautiful photos, how you feel about them and their personality (and how you end up feeling about the photos because of this!) is SUPER important. It’s more important than the end results. It’s more important than price. Basically the vibe they bring to your day + the experience you have with them matters so much because it will be a forever ingrained part of how you feel about your wedding day!!!

So if you’re not vibing, or you have a strange gut feeling…even if it’s for a small reason, then maybe you should keep searching for someone you vibe with better. This is YOUR day and YOUR money. You don’t wanna regret it down the road for any reason. Be picky with where + who your money goes to. You have the right. That being said, obviously we don’t mean be rude – we’re not about that here. But ask the questions you wanna ask and make sure the photographers fully understand your vision + what’s important to you on your day!!!

2.) They’re good about communicating. 

Good communication is KEY for any relationship. Especially when inquiring with photographers. Something to keep in mind is how they’re communicating with you and how fast they get back to you. Again, be reasonable with this. We all have busy lives and things going on. But personally we feel like this little aspect speaks volumes about how much someone cares!!!! A few things to take note of: 

  • how fast they get back to you once inquiring and then following through on that 
  • the next steps – once you’ve inquired, what’s next and how to book them
  • gallery turn around time (how fast they’ll get you your photos)
  • how involved they’ll be in the process – a.k.a their experience and how they’re unique (everyone is different on these things so pick the person who best matches what you need/want!) 

Personally, we like being pretty involved and helping you with all the things. While amazing and wonderful, weddings + elopements require planning. We know that and are ready to help. Nothing feels worse than being overwhelmed and confused when you should be focused on one of the most exciting days in your life. We always want you to feel like you have someone to lean on for things – and clearly understand what exactly WE are doing leading up to your wedding + how we show up day of. 

Little things like communication can kinda key you into how they whole experience with someone is gonna be, so pay close attention to that.

3.) That they have solid back up systems in place.

Usually people don’t ask about gear because they assume photographers use top of the line profesh stuff…That’s another thing that should be a given if someone is charging you thousands of dollars. If you really wanna know or have concerns just ask – no one should have a problem with you asking because again, it’s your money! (If they have an issue or an attitude maybe reevaluate the situation before you sign on that dotted line. You should know what you’re spending your money on.) The brand isn’t especially important just as long as your photographers aren’t shooting on cheap gear that might not hold up at a wedding + are showing killer images shot on that gear!!!

BUT something that most people don’t think of is what happens to their images once they’re taken. How are they protected? What system is in place? We have heard absolute horror stories of images being lost forever and would never ever ever want that to happen to you. This isn’t about us being your photographers. This applies no matter who you choose. We genuinely would be devastated if that happened to anyone and wanna make sure you know the facts so you can ask questions + feel reassured no matter who you go with! Everyone is different and has a different system but here are some things you could ask/see if they have already given you this info:

  • Do they shoot on cameras that have two memory card slots? (This is great because they automatically have an extra backup in case something were to happen to one card. At some point all electronics will fail. It’s just a matter of when – so this is a great proactive step to take. But if they don’t this isn’t the end of things – don’t freak out – just find out more about what they do as soon as they get home from your wedding)
  • They should be immediately backing your photos up in multiple places. Think at the very LEAST 2-3 hard copy locations like hard drives, (having just 2 freaks me the freak out but it’s better than just one, or worse, none!!!) and for good measure having a cloud backup as well. They should also be storing one of the hard copies separate from the others (just in case a fire or something were to happen)

Again, you’d never wanna come off as rude and grill someone about these things but if you were to ask they should have zero problem letting you know the exact system they use to back up your photos!!!

Note: when your photos are delivered, YOU should download the whole gallery + immediately upload it to a cloud service to back it up! (iCloud, Google Photos, etc)

And that’s that!  Our top three tips to help you find the absolute best person to capture your wedding!

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